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I love it when people come together and eat. Especially rewarding is the expression on their faces when they’ve tasted something they really like! – Barbara

Barbara Czyz (pronounced Chush) is the proprietor of Unique Food Attitudes (abbreviated: UFA). As she learned a new language, Barbara discovered the common language of good food.

Upon graduation from Fanshawe College’s Culinary Management course, she and two classmates formed a partnership. The partners have since moved on and Barbara holds dear the clientele that has grown with Unique Food Attitudes. In the early years, with a young family, Barbara worked to perfect her technique and make her customers happy. She is enjoying the diversification UFA has experienced over the years all the while great people called upon her as their families grew and celebrated milestones.

A strong member of the Polish community, she has supported various events, and ceremonies. It is quite normal at Christmas and Easter times of the year to find clusters of eager Polish citizens clamouring to bring home her handmade Krokettas and Schlegye and holidays cakes that remind them of their motherland. Every year, there are orders from as far as Toronto for these delights!

Often you will find Barbara at the shop late into the evening or over the weekend hours cooking, baking, chopping, and assembling. She is dutifully supported by her husband Jarek, and children: Matti and Patrycja.

We are here to serve you at the convenience of your home or location of choice. So, we also offer takeout and catering services.

You do not have a location large enough to accomodate your guests? No problem. At a very reasonable additional cost to your catering order, we will offer our facility to you to host your party. Sundays are guaranteed for any catering reservation - on a first-come-first-serve basis. For Saturdays and weekdays, please, call in to inquire about availability.

Method of payment? You can come in-store to make your payment. If you have a credit card you can also call in by phone your payment or click on the following link to pay by Paypal.
You can contact us using any of the information given below: by a visit to our store, by email, by phone, by fax or using the webform given (below) at the end of this page.

Unique Food Attitudes Limited.
697, Dundas Street
London, Ontario, N5W 2Z5 Canada
Tel: 519-649-2225
Fax: 519-649-2226

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Please, note that these are our expected regular hours which may change on occasions. Check the scrolling bulletin board for any of such changes. Thanks.

Monday - Wednesday: 9:00AM - 6:00PM

Thursday - Saturday: 9:00AM - 8:00PM

Sunday: Closed except for private party-reservations
Free-parking is available at rear of restaurant's building.

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